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Based on professional interest areas and/or institutional needs, SL workshops and seminars are a highly popular feature of personal and professional development in the SL. Over the years SL instructors have given many individual and pair/group workshops in the course of an academic year; organized and presented at workshop days/mini-fests run on specific dates (e.g. the beginning of an academic year) such as our recent SLSeptemberWorkshops2018-19SLSeptemberWorkshops2017-18 , and SLWorkshops15-16Jan2020-ProgramAndAbstracts.

All SL instructors are encouraged and welcome to offer workshops on a topic of their choice and/or based on their work/task/research as long as the sessions are scheduled at a time which is convenient to most (if not all) other SL instructors to allow for maximum participation.For this reason, SL instructors planning to offer a workshop are invited to check the SL academic calendars as well as the course and PPD calendars for a suitable day and time. Unless otherwise announced by the SL Director, participation in SL workshops are voluntary. The duration of a workshop naturally depends on the nature aims, and focus of the session; instructors can offer a mini-workshop of 30 minutes or go for a longer session of 45 to 75 minutes. However, with longer workshops, previous SL experience, shows 60 minutes to be both ideal and practical to organize.

In previous years, many SL instructors have also been actively involved in the organization and delivery of SL PD Seminar Day activities and sessions:

SU-SL PD Seminar & Workshop II: Learner Development & PBL April 30th, 2016 and

SL-Seminar&Workshop I: EPG&TDFRAM April 26th, 2014 EPGandEaqualsTDFRAM

SL instructors are also involved in presenting sessions and workshops at national and international conferences, PD events and on training courses. To attend and present at these events, SL instructors are requested to fill in the SLConferenceRepresentationRequestForm, submit a hard copy to Ebru Özgür Katı, organize appropriate cover for their classes in their absence and inform the SL Director about it.

Based on its institutional needs, the SL has also invites ELT professionals from different contexts to present seminars/workshops or to run short PD courses on specific areas. Our guests over the years include: Ann Johns, Bary O’Sullivan, Chris Kennedy, Frank Heyworth, Kari Smith, Nick Groom, Nur Kurtoğlu-Hooton, Oya Başaran, Tom Ryan and Tony Humphreys.

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