SL research

In the SL we believe in a research-oriented mindset and approach to achieve greater effectiveness in our school practices. Over the years we have engaged in many research studies focusing on in a wide range of topics based on institutional need and professional interest in areas such as curriculum and assessment development; corpus development; learner development; professional development; educational technology; strategic planning and school effectiveness. This page contains information on some of the recent institutional research activities carried out in the SL.

SL teaching principles

Please see:

SL teaching profile

Data from developmental observations are actively used to create an SL Profile based on an analysis of strengths in teaching and areas for further development to enhance teaching and learning practices. Please see the latest SL Profile based on this research covering the period between 2014 and 2017 (Kurtoğlu Eken, 2017): SLProfileBasedOnDev.Obs.-2014-2017 and Sep2017Workshop-DKE.

SL ethos

In May 2016, we carried out a research study to explore SL instructors’ and students’ perceptions of the SL ethos and culture (Kurtoğlu Eken & Bosson A., 2016). The results were collated and analyzed both descriptively and in terms of the frequency of emerging key concepts: SLEthosAndCulture-Research2016

This research led to the development and sharing of SLEthos-April2017 in April 2017:

SL Ethos

SL lifelong learning

In Autumn 2016 we published our lifelong learning (LLL) statements. They were the result of a project that collated our instructors’ opinions of lifelong learning in our context and application of relevant research such as that of Carol Dweck into Mindsets. SL’s lifelong learning statements can be found on our blog at: SL Lifelong Learning Blog and research into the development of LLL principles can be found here: Developing LLL principles (Bosson, A. 2016).


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