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We have always taken pride in being a ‘sharing’ institution and hopefully been setting a good model in this respect. Over the years we have worked closely with numerous educational institutions, sharing our ideas and experiences, educational processes, work samples, practices and documents. We have always believed in collaboration through a wide range of professional activities such as training activities, conferences, training and development courses, forums, seminars and consultancy. Our belief in sharing, collaboration and professional exchange has also been the key driving force behind the idea of our School Development Series.

The School of Languages School Development Series is yet an example of how we have collaboratively worked and grown over the years, Creating and Developing Together; the mission of our university and school. Our books provide a practical guide and include many examples of practical tools, tasks and activities as well as key guiding principles in all three areas.We are very excited and proud to have published four books (so far) in the areas of curriculum development, learner development, teacher development and assessment of learning:

A Practical Guide to English Language Learning Assessment in an Academic Context: Principles, Practices and Reflections (2020) Editors: Berna Akpınar Arslan and Pınar Gündüz

A Practical Guide to English Language Teacher Development in an Academic Context: Approaches, Explorations and Practices (2017) Editors: Andrew Bosson and Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken

A Practical Guide to English Language Learner Development in an Academic Context: Practices and Processes (2015) Editors: Esra Gün Alayafi and Neslihan Demirdirek

A Practical Guide to English Language Curriculum Development in an Academic Context: Creating, Vitalizing and Evaluating (2013) Editors: Leah Bosworth and Jonathan M.G.Smith

To find out more about our books in the series, please visit: SL School Development Series Brochure-2021

A copy of each book in the series is provided to its contributing authors. Copies are also shared in the small resources section available in the SL Admin. Office and in SU the Information Center. Where and when possible, the SL also provides individual copies to all its instructors. Current members of the group: Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken

 SL Book Project 2.0

This group was formed in order to design a summer school book aiming to cover the objectives of the exit level FDY summer school course, and give students enough practice in the skills and language objectives that will be important for them for their faculty studies. Together with some other volunteers, the group has conducted a series of needs analysis studies with the current students and teachers in the SL as well as with faculty instructors and faculty students. In addition to helping identify the current and future needs of FDY students, the analysis work also enabled the group to identify the main themes of the book. The team have also carried out extensive literature review work in order to be able to reflect the latest findings in terms of methodology and learning strategies in the book. The team has also created a website for the book project in order to guide those institutions who might be interested in designing their own course book. It is still under construction, so if you are interested, please check regularly for updates: SL FDY Book Project. Current members of the task group: Mutlu Bosson, Neslihan Demirdirek, Pınar Demiral Gündüz*, Sonat Demirdirek

Beyond the Boundaries: English in an Academic Environment

Beyond the Boundaries: English in an Academic Environment started as a project when it was felt that existing course books could not fully address the academic needs of students. It is an academic course book series designed to cater for the needs of SL students and potentially those in other ‘preparatory’ schools of English-medium universities. The course book series was prepared by a team of experienced EAP instructors at Sabancı University School of Languages. The series consists of 6 course books at 3 levels with 2 books at each level as well as their accompanying Answer Keys and audio materials.  For more information on our course book series, please visit:

SL instructors are actively involved in publishing articles in national and international journals, newsletters and other similar publications

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They also regularly contribute to the SL Blog writing up their conference/training experiences on the SL Blog (i.e. the main SL website) sharing reflections, ideas, comments, useful links, photographs etc. related to the events they have participated in.

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