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A professional development (PD) framework fosters a shared understanding of the values, attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to greater effectiveness in teaching and learning practices. It also encourages teacher self assessment helping teachers to prioritize their goals for further professional development.

Self-assessment is a core component of effective teaching practice and a thread running through personal and professional development. It refers to a formative and mostly qualitative process of teacher reflection. Formative assessment is almost always carried out with reference to explicit teaching and learning goals as well as criteria to inform decision-making and operational practices. This is where the need for a teacher training and development framework comes in for both novice and experienced practitioners. As Danielson (2007) metaphorically describes in the overview of her framework of teaching, because of the complex nature of teaching, “it is helpful to have a road map through the territory, structured around a shared understanding of teaching” (Çal & Kurtoğlu Eken, 2017).

The ‘road map’ that SL has chosen is the Eaquals Teacher Training and Development Framework (Eaquals TDFRAM) following our extensive involvement in its design, research, piloting and feedback over a three-year period from 2010 to 2013. Since the academic year 2015-16, SL teachers have been using the Eaquals TDFRAM for Annual Target Setting (ATS) practice which is a core component of SL professional development. The ATS is a developmental process valuing and supporting teachers’ self-assessment through a goal-driven approach; it enables independent and focused reflection on professional practice and the enhancement of learning for both themselves and their learners. The Eaquals TDFRAM supplements the ATS process as a practical self-assessment tool and a reference handbook helping teachers identify their needs and strengths in various areas of teaching and pursuing further development goals (ibid.).


For a detailed description of the background, research and use of the Eaquals TDFRAM in the SL, please refer to the following chapter of our book, A Practical Guide to English Language Teacher Development in an Academic Context: Approaches, Explorations and Practices (2017) Bosson, A. and Kurtoğlu Eken, D. (Eds.) Blackswan Publishing House: Teacher self-assessment: The Eaquals Framework for Language Teacher Training and Development by Vildan Çal & Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken.

The SL has also decided to use the Eaquals’ 2020 framework, entitled, The Eaquals Framework for Language for Academic Purposes Teacher Training and Development to supplement the Eaquals TDFRAM for more specific academic teaching and learning practices such as SL’s faculty-oriented strands and courses.

Several other PD frameworks that SL teachers may wish to make use of are as follows:

And a useful CPD framework for teacher educators is the British Council Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for Teacher Educators: BC-CPD FW for Teacher Educators

SL teachers interested in finding more about the Eaquals TDFRAM and the EPG can also watch the video seminar (2014) delivered by Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken, recorded professionally by the Information Center: Professional Development & Self-assessment: EPG & Eaquals Teacher Training and Development Framework

The European Center for Modern Languages also has a detailed list of frameworks, standards and documents as part of their 3-year teachers’ project on ‘Towards a common European framework of reference for language’: ECML-FrameworksStandardsDocuments

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