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Eaquals accreditation (January 2021)

Following months of hard work and collaboration, the SL has received its Eaquals Certification with an outstanding result as an accredited member with areas of excellence in all 12 categories of the accreditation scheme for English language institutions in Higher Education.

For more information, please visit:

Eaquals inspection (December 2020)

The SL is looking forward to its inspection by Eaquals between November 30th and December 4th, 2020. The SL is ready to share its unique ‘tracks’!

Workshops for Sakıp Sabancı High School students

Itır Beğen Yılmaz and İlkem Kayıcan Dipcin were at Sakıp Sabancı High School (SSHS) on Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 working with students on public speaking and academic writing skills. The workshops were very well received by the school. SL’s work with SSHS will continue in the coming months.

It’s our CRYSTAL year! SLTEP Alumni 15th Year Conference and Meeting


Meeting of Change Agents (MOCA)

SU-SL will be hosting the third MOCA event on 27 April 2019 on the theme of Creativity and Challenge in Learning.

MOCA website:

moca (3)

SLTEP’s crystal year: Alumni Conference and Meeting 6 on November 2, 2019


This year we will be celebrating SLTEP’s 15th anniversary with our 6th SLTEP Alumni Conference and Meeting on November 2, 2019. You will remember that our alumni events started at SU in 2014 following our 10th year and have been hosted by a different university since then. For this landmark event alumni will be coming back ‘home’ to SU. With over 300 alumni members, we are indeed very excited about this event and proud of our achievements. Here’s our first video for the event:

Congratulations to Andrew Bosson for the publication of his article, Teacher development and maintaining motivation through project based learning in the IATEFL Best of SIGs edited collection by George Pickering and Vicky Saumell. To access the publication please sign in the the IATEFL members’ area and visit the section ‘SIG publications and documents’.


SL Training Seminars on Teaching Reading and Speaking Skills 7th February 2019

Upon their request and with sponsorship by Blackswan Publishing House, we worked with colleagues from Mektebim Schools on the topic of Teaching Reading and Speaking Skills. The two three-hour interactive seminars were delivered by Berna Akpınar Arslan, and Mutlu Bosson.

SLTEP Alumni Conference and Meeting 5

The 5th SLTEP Alumni Conference and Meeting was held at Istanbul Şehir University on 3rd November 2018:


SL Training Seminar on Using Authentic Materials 3 April 2018

Upon their request and with organisational support from Blackswan Publishing House, we worked with colleagues from American Time Language Schools on the topic of Using Authentic Materials in Teaching. The three-hour interactive seminar was delivered by Berna Akpınar Arslan, Neslihan Demirdirek and Sonat Demirdirek.

SL International Conference 4-5 May, 2018

Pathways that inspire us

What inspires us in our language education practices? What drives us to learn more as teachers and learners? How often can we spare time from our busy schedules to contemplate the pathways we have followed? Here is the opportunity for us to reflect on our personal and professional development by:

  • reflecting on the experiences that have inspired us along the way
  • sharing our discoveries about teaching and learning
  • learning from our achievements and ‘failures’
  • building on our strengths and ‘weaknesses’
  • exploring our philosophies of teaching and learning
  • drawing inspirations from our stories

Join us for an introspective journey into our personal and professional pathways!

Visit our website at: SL International Conference

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