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SL PPD activities 2015-present: SLPPDactivities2015-present

In-service PPD courses/INSETs are an invaluable component of personal and professional development activities in the SL. They are based on instructional and institutional needs and interests aiming to help develop instructors’ awareness, knowledge and skills in the relevant areas of professional development. In-service PPD courses/INSETs are offered regularly in the SL (and in particular in Spring semesters) through a challenging yet ongoing commitment on the part of the SL Directorate to making institutional resources available for PPD purposes. Participation on SL PPD courses/INSETs is voluntary with course sessions scheduled on days and at times that are convenient to all/most participants. With the exception of the past SL Trainer Training Program where participants could choose to join the assessed or unassessed track, a Certificate of Attendance is given to all SL instructors who complete the specified requirements of a PPD course/INSET. A list along with a brief description of the different in-service PPD courses/INSETs that have run in the SL since 2003 can be accessed here: SL-INSETs-2003-2017.


The LORRES (Listen-Observe-Record-Reflect-Examine-Share) for PD INSET was run by Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken in Fall 2021-2022 with sessions, experiential tasks and practice activities to train colleagues joining the Developmental Observation Team in Spring 2021-2022. Detailed information on the INSET can be found here: SL INSET-LORRES for PD-2021-22-DKE



In Spring 2020-2021, the SL launched an 8-week INSET course entitled, Enhancing our Teaching Practices (ETP). Based on our experiential learning practices, our learners’ feedback, developmental observation discussions, the SEI results and the Eaquals Inspection Report for Category 6 of Teaching and Learning, we know that we already provide effective learning opportunities for our learners. We also know that there is always more we can do, not in terms of quantity, but of quality. With the facilitation of Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken and Vildan Çal, the ETP INSET provided opportunities for collaborative exploration of the approaches and practices to further enhance our learners’ involvement and engagement in lessons with a view to strengthening learning outcomes in an online environment. Details of the ETP INSET can be found here: ETP INSET Course Information and Schedule-22.4.21


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