allaboutPPD@SL has been designed to do exactly what its name suggests; to provide information ‘all about PPD‘ at Sabancι University School of Languages. It aims to describe the wide range of PPD activities available in the SL; to provide guidance on core PPD processes, practices and tools; and to allow quick and easy access to institutional PPD resources and online platforms. So allaboutPPD@SL is for us teachers; SL’s most valuable asset.

Core principles underpinning the design of allaboutPPD@SL are based on an attempt to ensure up-to-dateness of SL PPD activities as well as ease of access to relevant information, resources and links through:

  • the use of a ‘Pages’ menu based on SL’s core PPD activities
  • a consideration of the continued relevance and usefulness of PPD content; reference to ‘current’ PPD activities to help support up-to-dateness, ease of access and practicality of the maintenance of the website
  • the minimal use of visuals in order not to crowd and lengthen the pages

Although there has been a large variety of PPD activities since the SL’s initial years, it is beyond the brief of our website to describe – let alone list – all the wonderful and useful work that has taken place over the years and to acknowledge the valuable contributions of all colleagues involved in this work. Nonetheless, attempts have been made to acknowledge areas of past PPD work through brief descriptions and/or examples in relevant sections of allaboutPPD@SL.

It is also important to note that the choice of ‘PPD’ in the name of our website, allaboutPPD@SL,  is a conscious one indeed. This is based on the belief that although most activities may sound ‘professional’ only, their effectiveness will be largely determined by our willingness and efforts to invest in our own personal development.

Welcome to allaboutPPD@SL! Let us share our PPD journeys together and keep our website alive with our ongoing contributions and feedback.


Copyright by Sabancı University School of Languages

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